Leo Strawberry

My partial fursuit feels great! it’s very sturdy (the head especially) and they (Tamaska and RedMoon) were really kind in modifying my arm sleeves for free with elastic! so they wouldn’t fall off, now they feel super snug. As before, I was scared to raise my arms in case I would show some skin or fall down breaking the magic, but now they elasticated the back connecting the two sleeves together they never fall off or show skin, now I can now move my arms as much as I need to which is awesome!

The follow-me eyes also look and work amazingly as they enhance the magic and bring the character to life. With this and the movable jaw, you can create some pretty good expressions. The head was a little heavy but I got used to it after a while of wearing it multiple times, like Sticks the only thing that worried me was the airflow within the head, it gets quite hot in there and I think it would be pretty nice to add some extra air-holes somewhere around the nose area. Though I can breathe with the mouth open, it’s nice to have some extra air flow ;)

When I first saw the footpaws, I honestly thought that they were a bit too big but, this actually benefited the look and style I wanted (toony) overall they look and feel well built. The faux fur that was used feels really soft and the colours are really great, stand out and look/feel like they are of high quality.

I also received an extra tail! because my friend Mithrus recommended me to these awesome people, and now I have a spare extra tail just in case I lose one in the future (as bunny tails are quite small compared to other species. Though I am very careful when it comes to belongings and typically don’t leave things, this may be important for others) They sent out my suit and it arrived in time for Confuzzled which was awesome! I managed to suit for the first time at a convention which was an amazing experience!

Finally, I just wanted to thank Tamaska and RedMoon for being really kind and helpful throughout the whole process of making and getting feedback etc. They kept me updated all the time with the progress what was happening. They’re an awesome couple and I wish them the best for the future and would definitely recommend Fursuitcreations to anybody looking to get a fursuit!