I’m SO HAPPY! The fit and finish of my fursuit is amazing and I am so happy with the way he looks.

This was my first time in getting a fursuit and I couldn’t have asked for a better one, the quality of the fur and the materials used is such a great quality.

The suit dose get very warm but with the moving jaw it enables a lot of ventilation to pass through the head and allowing you to to better from the head 🙂

Redmoon & Flametalon have been amazing at keeping me updated with pictures and progress, and with an error on my part they have been so patient with me. After a Skype call with Flametalon I knew I had 100% faith in them and they definitely delivered.

I spent such a long time looking for a maker and finally settled to go with fursuit creations, I’m so glad I did

Thank you for making lucky come to life!