So after 2 months of trying to find the right fursuit builders for me Fursuit Creations was 100% what I was looking for!!!

In the time when they were making my suit I was asking a ton of questions and also chipping and changing my mind of my suit, they are very polite and professional and an awesome couple!

The Fursuit itself is amazing! it came just a few days before Confuzzled 2015 which was awesome,The suit is very well built, the teeth look very realistic, The air flow in the head was pretty good for a resin head with the movable jaw and 2 holes in the nose I can easily get a straw in and out and get air to keep me cool, the hand paws were a bit too big which was solved and after Confuzzled 2015 ended Tamaska and Redmoon recognised how my fursuit was a little too low around the neck, so they said “send it back and we will fix it for free” which is fantastic.

As for the feet paws they were also a bit too big which I solved by putting in some insoles and some heel liners to them fit

Also by recommending a friend Leo Strawberry to Fursuit Creations we both got another Free tail!!