Sticks the Fox

Yay! I’m so pleased with my suit, the sculpting of the head is truly wonderful and really cute. Being a resin head its a lot heavier than I thought it would be, however it does feel robust and gives a perfect base for the moving jaw.

The teeth and tongue work really well and give him a really cute expression.

The suit itself is wonderful, its really great fit, snug but not restricting. I can properly run and dance in it, but it doesn’t feel loose and the digi legs are so well shaped. I also love the way the tail connects through two holes either side of the zipper, keeps it nicely centred and seamless. It can be tricky to suit up on my own because of it, but a simple helping hand makes it easy.

Hands, tail and foot paws are all great, nice cute construction. I feel like the handpaws are a little large, but not really in a restrictive way (hands are such a difficult part anyhow), they don’t feel like they would slip off or anything, just loose.

As said before my only slight concern was how heavy the head was (it requires a strap at the back of my head to keep it in place)

Also due to various reasons my suit finish date was delayed by quite a bit (about a month, though I hear this is nothing compared to some makers), however they did go the extra mile to make sure that the suit was ready for Confuzzled (which is when I originally asked for it to be finished by) including coming all the way up to Birmingham to deliver the body suit in person.

I also have to say Tamaska and Redmoon are a lovely couple, their constant feedback when were starting was really reassuring (even the midnight Skype calls when I panicked and changed my mind on fur colour).