One thing when it comes to getting a suit of your own you want it to be the living image of your fursona. I look around at all well known suit makers but yet not one caught my eye to what I was looking for. One problem that was keen to come up with the design of my fursona was its cyber arm that was going to be challenging to make.

The guys at Fursuit Creations took on that challenge to make it a reality. From what I saw they were different from most suit designs and for some reason I knew they were the ones to make my fursona come to life. By the talented hand of Redmoon and Flamtalon, they crafted every bit, shape and colour detail until the very end. Sending update photos of the work and progress and from seeing what is being done, they exceeded my expectations.

The day the suit arrived safely in South Africa, the amount of excitement I was experiencing was beyond words. We I was finally looking face to face with my fursona it was like looking at the living image itself. Putting it on and looking in a mirror was like standing in front of someone else.

The amount of joy the suit was brought to me was like nothing else I’d experience. So once again to Redmoon and Flamtalon, thank you so much for the amazing work you guys put into my make my fursona a reality.