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Redmoon & Darkshadow
Redmoon & Darkshadow

Redmoon and Dark-Shadow are a wife and husband team from the uk that strive to bring your fursuit dreams to life. We Started our fursuit making back 2010

We have appeared in full costume in several public events and conventions. After years of making costumes for ourselves and family we chose to start offering our services to the public.

For many years we have been improving our designs and gaining experience using new techniques such as resin casting, custom horn/antler sculpting and LED installation. This experience is allowing us to offer commissioners an excellent service and lots of creative for thought.

With R&D Fursuits You Get...

The Finest Materials

We only ever use the finest materials and that is something we are not willing to compromise on. Fur and fabric from the US, China, France and right here in the UK.

Lightness & Durability

Our resin and silicone is brought from a UK company that specialise in props and resin casting for films and TV.


Customer Service

We offer excellent customer service, available to contact by email at any time and guarantee our work for 12 months. If you find a weak seam of some sizing error we will repair it.

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Here's What Our Customers Say

For a first real fursuit my experience has been most pleasant. I have had this suit for over a year and again, other than the bottom of the footpaws it has stood the test of time very well. Read More

Cassie Luithia

After lengthy decision on who to commission for my suit from I can say I am very glad I chose Fursuit Creations to make Oz, they really went the extra mile to make the suit exactly the way I wanted. Read More

Oz Raven

I also have to say Tamaska and Redmoon are a lovely couple, their constant feedback when were starting was really reassuring (even the midnight Skype calls when I panicked and changed my mind on fur colour). Read More

Sticks the Fox

I just wanted to thank Tamaska and RedMoon for being really kind and helpful throughout the whole process of making and getting feedback etc. They kept me updated all the time with the progress what was happening. Read More

Leo Strawberry

The day the suit arrived safely in South Africa, the amount of excitement I was experiencing was beyond words. We I was finally looking face to face with my fursona it was like looking at the living image itself. Read More


In the time when they were making my suit I was asking a ton of questions and also chipping and changing my mind of my suit, they are very polite and professional and an awesome couple! Read More


Redmoon & Flametalon have been amazing at keeping me updated with pictures and progress, and with an error on my part they have been so patient with me. After a Skype call with Flametalon I knew I had 100% faith in them and they definitely delivered. Read More


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