General questions

Do you make Alligator fursuits

No we dont sorry 🙁

when do you reopen

We plan to reopen in september or sooner  thanks we can’t take down payments tell we reopen sorry keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates if open sooner

do you make cosplay things

No sorry we only do fursuits items only due to our goals now

Do you sell unfurred head bases?


Do you do trades?


Can you make costume props?


What DON’T you make?

We don’t:

  • Make copyrighted characters owned by someone who has not given you permission to use the character.
  • Copy suits made by ourselves or others.
  • Copy style techniques used by others (I suggest you go commission them instead).
  • Make fetish wear or costumes to be used for non-public purposes.
What DO you make?

We make:

  • Toony
  • Anime
  • Realistic
  • Semi-realistic
Can I request that no one knows you are making this suit for me?

Yes! By default, I will not keep your commission or costume private from my website or galleries while it is in progress but you can request that I do/give you a fake name while I am working on it.

What is a DTD and how do I make one?

A DTD (Duct Tape Dummy) is a standard sizing body form used in the fursuit industry. It consists of making a duplicate body out of duct tape and sending it to the artist who stuffs it and uses it to size the costume. Here is an easy to understand tutorial on making your own DTD: link here

What parts do you do?

We do full suits, partial suits and we sometimes sell the odd tail on its own, but mostly just suits.

Is the fur real?


I sent you a quote and you said you were closed, why is that?

Our order slots were filled up or we were away from the office.

How much time does it take to build a fursuit?

If we are building one for ourselves, we can have it done in a week or two since we already have all of our measurements and we can take some shortcuts in construction.

Building for a customer, we have to do all measurements from scratch, make sure we are making what they want, have correspondence back and forth and in general just put out a more professional product. This all means that it takes us closer to 3-4 weeks to build a customer’s costume (assuming we are not working on any other projects at the same time). If it is particularly unique or detailed it can take longer.

Do you use real hair / fur / leather in your costumes?

No. Although we have an interest in and collect animal skulls/furs; real, unrefined animal products are rarely suitable for costuming the way that synthetics are. The fur we use is made from plastic.

Digitgrade / Plantigrade / Unguligrade? Which is better?

Humans are plantigrade – we walk on our full foot (heel to toe). Bears and skunks are also plantigrade even though they walk on all 4 limbs.

Digitigrade animals walk only on their toes. These include cats and dogs. The ‘crook’ in their rear legs is actually an elongated foot where the heel does not normally touch the ground except when resting.

Unguligrade animals include horses and they walk on the tips of their toes (i.e. their toenails).

For the purposes of fursuits, the difference between plantigrade and unguligrade is slight and ignorable and generally all suits are classified under ‘digitigrade’ or ‘plantigrade’ regardless of whether the costume has hooves or claws.

The except is ‘hoofboots’ (boots with a permanently raised heel and very high sole) which more accurately replicate the unguligrade condition but we do not make these as they can be rather dangerous and uncomfortable if done incorrectly.

Can I buy one of each feet paws / hand paws /by themselves?

We only do the following:

  • Full fursuits
  • Partial fursuits
  • Heads only
  • And tails
  • Bodysuits

Reward system

Do you have a customer reward scheme?

Yes we do have one! ? go to the Referral on the front page tabs


Do you take payment plans

Yes we do for the 2nd half of the payment you will still need to pay the 50% down payment of half then the rest can be payment plans.

unique suit

Hi there if you got a unique suit and not sure if we can do it or not talk to us on twitter @RandDfursuits and leave a msg and we get back to you on this thanks

How much do you charge for fursuits

Very easy go to


All you have to do is follow the tick boxes on what your after in our order page chose what you want add your ref sheet at the end once done and we get back to you there is a £1 fee once you submit the order. ( please Note the £1  dose not book your slot for the date only the down payment dose that ) Also I date to chose for the finish time.

When should you add a custom Jaw or Head?

Custom jaw cast and custom head molds are only used when a commissioner wants a one off piece and doesn’t want it resold, in this case the mold/molds will be destroyed once the suit is completed. Or when a creature is unlikely to resell due to the specie being noncommercial i.e. giant bugs or mutated monsters.

What’s the £1 charge all about ?

This is put in place to help us to stop fake orders if you get stuck on something your not sure on when you order msg us via contact or twitter @fursuitcreaton

Thank you

how do i order a fursuit ?

Very easy go to


All you have to do is follow the tick boxes on what your after in our order page chose what you want add your ref sheet at the end once done and we get back to you there is a £1 fee once you submit the order. ( please Note the £1  dose not book your slot for the date only the down payment dose that ) Also I date to chose for the finish time.

If your not sure on something

Hi there if your not sure on something from the Quote what was not in the Question list ask us via twitter @fursuitcreations


do you do artistic liberty suits

Yes we do but you won’t be pushed  in front of the Q system. Talk to us via twitter for next open slot and details what your after then we work out the cost on how much our twitter is @fursuitcreations Thanks.

sent a Quote but no one got back to me

If you have not heard back from us about a Quote you sent us it’s because of one of two things

You put in the wrong boxes ticked for the quote or you filled in the quote with the wrong  ticked boxes and bad ref sheet

Legs only

nope sorry

Digitigrade legs only

No we don’t sorry

do you sell fursuit parts like feet paws and tails ect

No we don’t we don’t sell parts by themselves due to cost of buying small fur stock to make them cost to much and takes time from us doing full fursuit or partials as that’s our main job

Can I get my deposit back if I cant pay the following payments?

No you can’t! Your Deposit is non-refundable (which is common practice with full time fursuit makers)

We use the deposit to buy in the fur and resin to make your suit and cover our overheads.

Can I purchase your blank noses/eyes/nails/teeth/pawpads?

Yes if you have got a suit from us.

What do you charge for a fursuit?

We have a price Calculator follow this link: Link here

I like a specific suit in your gallery. Can I buy/rent that one?

No. everything I make is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. They are all made on commission and thus SOLD ALREADY and not available for buying or renting.

I will not make duplicates on anything I have made, nor can.

Do I need a reference sheet?

Yes. You can draw or commission one yourself (I do not make reference sheets).
But be aware that I can only go by what the reference shows. Any specifics you want in fur length or colour variation needs to be stated very clearly *on the reference* or on the quote form I ask you to fill out.
I will NOT be held to anything said by email or note and thus if the suit is true to the reference as drawn out on the reference sheet or spelled out on the quote form, any inaccuracies to your desired product are not the artist’s responsibility.
The illustrated reference sheet takes PRECEDENCE over anything written in the quote form so please make sure it is correct to what you want to see from me.

It is the customer’s responsibility to enable the artist to make the product that they want to have.

If you need a Ref sheet done i would say theses people are top grade ones 🙂

darkgoose :

WaywardLycan  :

jezzabelle :

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept Payal and direct deposit bank account.

Do I have to pay PayPal fees?

Not directly. I bundle it with the shipping costs when paying shipping separately or it is covered under my general overhead costs.
If you are happy with my work, you are very welcome to tip me for the service however.

Do your suits come with a warranty?

All details on Warranty and other things follow this link: link here

Can I pick up the suit/get it delivered to a convention?

Yes and make sure the place where it needs to be picked up allows it and not to miss the pick up all down to you.

Does filling out a fursuit quote form mean that I’m in?

No! If I accept your commission, I will reply back with a deposit amount (to pay via Paypal or in to our bank account ) and other information. Your commission is not accepted until this payment is made. If you do not make this payment in the time allotted (usually a week or so. It will be stated in my reply), then I move on to the next person in line and offer the slot to them instead.

About my fursuit

What kinds of padding will you install into a costume? Muscle padding?

We will do most types of padding to get the shape that you want. Female padding, male padding, muscle padding, feral padding.

The only thing that we will NOT do is to add false abs onto a suit if the wearer is heavyset because we think it looks ridiculous ? But we can certainly add upper body and chest padding to make you more proportioned.

Be aware that we can only build on what physical form you already have. We cannot subtract anything so be realistic with the end look you desire.

Where do I see out? How good is vision?

On our heads, you generally look out of one of two places depending on the head. If it’s a toony you see through the eyes themselves. If it’s realistic then you see through the tear ducks.

Do you send work-in-progress photos? Can I request them?

Yes, you can. ?

Do you add a cooling system?

No. I do not have any system in place for that. If you want to buy and use one on your own, then please make the dummy with it on so that I will add the extra ease to the body that it requires.


Can I wash my fursuit?

Please do! We include care instructions with every suit we sell.

Heads and feetpaws should never be put into either a washer or a drier. Paws can normally be turned inside out (to protect the claws) and then washed with the bodysuit.

Do I need special products to clean my fursuit?

For the most part no. All you really need is a good carpet cleaner (we recommend Folex) for spot washing the paws and an antibacterial spray (such as Endbac) for use in the head and on the bodysuit between washes. How often you wash your bodysuit (in the washing machine on cold. Heat will ruin the fur) depends on how much you wear it/sweat but keep in mind that endbac is not a substitute to washing.

Can I take it to the dry cleaners?

We have no idea. We do not recommend it as they may have no idea how to clean faux fur and can ruin it. But it is your choice if you do not have access to a washing machine and do not want to handwash it.

Can I put my bodysuit in the drier?

Yes. However, heat will cause the plastic fibers in the fur to crinkle and mat with the possibility of ruining the suit. Only dry it in the drier if you know for sure that it is on a ‘no heat’ setting.