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We can also make you a fursuit is based on a Charr or a Dutch Angel Dragon character design. You can still customise the fursuit with additional features.

Optional: Thalbachin Ref Sheet

Save up to 15% off the final price when you commission a fursuit based on a fursona reference drawn by Thalbachin.

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Art Reference

Are you looking for a Reference sheet for your fursona we got a couple of people we know what are really good for you to commission

darkgoose :

WaywardLycan  :

jezzabelle :

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A quote must be obtained prior to submitting a request for a commission.

We need a Duct Tape Dummy for a full-body costume, and we may need any or all of these measurements.

If you plan to commission, be ready to have all of these things emailed or mailed

We require a 50% down payment to begin most projects . Do not send unrequested payments. We will send you a bill if we are able to accept your commission. All unrequested down payments will be automatically refunded. This policy does not apply to individuals making payments to a costume in progress.

The down payment is NON-REFUNDABLE.

We can accept payment through Paypal, any credit/debit card, or via bank.


Your commission will be a queue position only, with a guaranty that suits booked in 2021 will be finished that year. This allows us to take in to account any emergencies or delays in getting raw products in and keeps our queue moving.


Your project will only be shipped once it is paid for in full.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, items for which payment has been requested, but toward which no payments have been made for a period of 90 days, will be considered cancelled without refund. Projects cancelled in this way are considered “abandoned”, and we may finish them however we choose, sell them, or discard them at our discretion.



Every item comes with a 90 day limited warranty covering workmanship and materials. Repairs or replacements will be made for free within this period.

Please note that the warranty will be null and void if:


  • The item has been abused or used improperly
  • The item has been altered in any way
  • The item is soiled or has a smell, and has not been cleaned prior to return
  • The customer has not cooperated with efforts to collect shipping insurance on an item that has arrived damaged (see below)
  • Custom-made costumes, as a standard, are not made for especially high-demand applications, and are not built to withstand athletic/acrobatic performances, LARP combat, roughhousing, or use on rough terrain.
  • If you require a costume that can withstand above average wear, please let us know so that we can quote and construct appropriately, or discuss alternate designs that better suit your needs.
  • Package Insurance/Damaged Shipments



Packages are insured for up to the full value.


If your package arrives damaged: First, do not unpack the box. Contact us immediately. We will contact the shipping company, who will send an agent to collect the damaged package and take it to an inspection center. The damage will be assessed, and the package will be returned to us so that we can repair the item, or otherwise deal with it.

There is no other way to claim the insurance, so please be prepared to undergo this procedure if your package arrives damaged. Failure to cooperate will void the warranty.


Please note that the procedure may be different for overseas deliveries, but we ask that you still contact us immediately at the first sign of damage, before unpacking the box.



Once a project is started, changes may not be made to the design.

We reserve the right to refuse commission orders for reasons including (but not limited to):
The design of the proposed costume is not consistent or compatible with the type of work that R&D Fursuit produces.
The potential customer has been rude, difficult, unclear, or has made threats or otherwise acted in a disagreeable fashion.
The suit is to be used for activities that are illegal or that we find offensive.
We are closed for commissions, or do not have available slots at the time of the request.


In the case of character and creature related projects, we are most experienced with realistic and certain stylised designs.

The items that we produce are made with modern methods, and may not be accurate to particular time periods.


We will not reproduce copyrighted characters, costumes, or designs without prior written consent of the company or individual who owns the character or design.


You must describe, in writing, important features of your concept art. Any features not described may be overlooked, and we are not to be held accountable for such.

Some designs may be physically impossible to reproduce. If this is the case, we will suggest the closest physically possible alternative.


We will not copy your concept art perfectly. All designs will be translated into our style.
Also, certain features of concept art may not be possible to reproduce as drawn due to human proportion, human flaw, limitations of materials, and limitations of physics. Significant alterations will be discussed with you before the costume is made.


The physical appearance of a completed costume work is not to be altered without permission from R&D Fursuits.


All products made by R&D Fursuits are copyright. You may not create derivative works intended for resale, commercial use, or distribution; distribute parts or copies of parts, or take credit for creation of the item or any part of the item without exclusive written permission.

If you are not ready to pay the down payment of 50% then don’t submit the order thanks if you are unsure on something leave a msg on our twitter @RandDfursuits

You must be 18 or older to place a commission.